Friday, 2 October 2015

Baking Day 

This term Room 6 has been learning about Under the Sea animals. To celebrate the end of the term Nathaniel's Mum came to make under the sea themed cookies. Check out our photos from the day. Delicious cookies!!!!! 

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Kelly Tarltons

Last week Piwakawaka 2 went to Kelly Tarltons for our "Under the sea" inquiry unit this term. We were very excited to see all the animals that live at Kelly Tarltons and watch them being feed.

Here are some of our stories that we wrote about Kelly Tarltons 

Piwakawaka 2 team went to Kelly Tarltons and we saw sharks, turtles and baby penguins. When we arrived we saw a shark bus. By Izaiah 

On Wednesday room 6 and 11 went on a bus to Kelly Tarltons. We saw a diver cleaning sand in the tank and some sting rays being feed. My favourite part was when one of the sting rays came up to the glass window. I also liked seeing the giant squid and the star fish. By Civanna

On Wednesday room 6 went to Kelly Tarltons. We went on a bus and saw a giant squid. It was 12 months old and had a cut in its head and some of the stringers were hanging out of the squid. By Kiana

Room 6 went to Kelly Tarltons. When we got inside we saw sharks and sea horses. The baby penguins were so cute and I liked watching them swim in the water. By Savannah

Piwakawaka 2 went to Kelly Tarltons for a trip. When we stopped we said thank you to the bus driver. My favourite part was when the man feed the sting rays. I also liked the giant squid, starfish and penguins. By Laurelle

On Wednesday Piwakawaka 2 went to Kelly Tarltons. When we arrived we saw a shark bus. My favourtie part was when I saw the crayfish. After we had lunch and watched the sting rays get feed. By Romarion 

On Wednesday room 6 went to Kelly Tarltons. When we got there we saw a shark bus and took a photo. We went across this wave thing and it spinned around. We saw penguins swimming and eating food. By Tautua 

When we arrived at Kelly Tarltons we saw a bus shaped like a shark. Look at all those sharp teeth. 
I hope the shark doesn't eat us while we are taking a photo. 

Room 6 having a photo in Kelly Tarltons 


Look at all the cute penguins. Penguins can sleep while standing up. 

We are going through the tunnel. We can see so many creatures- sharks, fish, turtles, crayfish, puffer fish, star fish. We also got to see a diver cleaning the sand. 

Room 6 in the teaching room where we learnt facts about the animals at Kelly Tarltons and got a close up look at the animals. 

We got to watch the sting rays being feed. This man put his whole arm in the sting rays mouth. 

Wow look at how close we are to the sting rays. 

This is the diver cleaning the sand in the tank. He is in the tank with the sharks. I hope the sharks are not feeling hungry. 

We found some of the characters from Finding Nemo. Can you remember there names? 

Display in hall

Come and see Room 6's " Giraffes can't dance" art work in the school hall.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Room 6 School Assembly

Last term Room 6 performed a play in the School Assembly called " Giraffes can't dance".
We were all very excited to present our play to the school and our families.

Thank you to all the parents who came and supported us.

Room 6- Giraffes can't dance!!!

Tautua being Gerald the giraffe. 

The lions did the tango
Kiana, Ebony, Esther, Brooklyn 

The warthogs started waltzing 
Nathaniel, Savannah, Paige, Civanna

The chimps all did the cha cha
David, Romarion, Izaiah 

The Narrators 
Kaitlyn and Laurelle

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Giraffes can't dance!!!

Room 6 has been learning a play called giraffes can't Dance.

My favorite part was when 8 baboons did a Scottish dance.

BY: Laurelle ! 

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Giraffes can't dance

Room 6 is going to be running the school assembly.

We are learning a play called Giraffes Can't Dance.

Our favourite part is when we get to listen to the music.  The music is COOL!!!!

By Kaitlyn and Laurelle

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Mothers day

I love my mum because she takes us places.

I love my mum because she gives me cuddles. 

By Kaitlyn and Laurelle